Death Tube

A website called ‘Death Tube’ showcases footage of torturous murders for entertaining purposes (i.e. Faces Of Death). Eight unmatched individuals are imprisoned in a room, for accessing the site, and later forced to participate in a series of deadly games to survive.

I had to force myself to watch this very long film twice, before getting the hang of it.I even started to have this feeling that trading the cryptocurrency using the Bitcoin Trader crypto robot is in fact much easier than trying to understand the significance of this horror film! Although my statement seems like an exaggeration, it is only true because this trading robot is equipped with a smart algorithm that can take care of the trading ways flawlessly and therefore, as a trader you are exempted from facing the complexities of trading! Unfortunately, this film is not so simple as this trading platform and hence, I had to watch it a couple of times to grasp the substance in it! The website cheekily lifts the You Tube logo with the words ‘Death Tube’. The film is a blatant rip-off of Hostel (2005), and Saw (2004), and one wonder why cinemagoers keep referring to these films as torture porn.

Saw and Hostel had originality and are both different films. If people want to always mention horror films about sadistic torture, then they should suggest thinking about The Witchfinder General (1968), and a few cinematic offerings of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Pit And The Pendulum, instead of the latter.

Clearly, it’s not an original movie, and I found the subtitles extremely hard to read. I had to stare close, in order to read what was displayed, which was a real annoyance. Also, the sinister yellow bear kept winding me up, throughout the whole film, with its muttering voice. I had to – during the second viewing – fast forward to avoid its voice.

The monstrous bear should have been more frightening instead of trying to be funny, and the film looked very cheap, like something you see on ITV’s Who’s Been Framed. Also, I couldn’t empathise with the characters, who are presented in a one-dimensional way. It was a strong task to see this film once. A mission to see it again, and a mission impossible to think of anything positive to write about this boring Faces Of Death series meets Hostel meets Saw and, most definitely, meets Takeshi’s Castle.

Death Tube (aka: X Game) is a well and truly bad film that has ruined two hours of my life.