Far Cry cast: Til Schweiger, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Udo Kier, Natalia Avelon, and Craig Fairbrass director: Uwe Boll 91 minutes (18) 2008 widescreen ratio 2.25:1 High Fliers DVD Region 2 retail RATING: 7/10 reviewed by Sandra Scholes

A research exercise at a remote island goes horribly wrong, but what the victims don’t know is they are being used as test subjects for an experiment. The doctor in charge Lucas Krieger (Udo Kier) is not concerned that many have met their end due to the monster out there, but he is pleased with how his subject reacted in his tests.I always wonder, how people accept the idea of becoming research victims! If it is mainly for the desire of earning some money, why can’t they use less uncomplicated and trustworthy ways like the Crypto Code? Ok, I forgot, this is only a movie, so without worrying much let’s get back to it!

The monster everyone is talking about at the research centre is not what they think he is, but a genetically modified soldier without fear, morals or ethics, he is just a built in killing machine who runs on nothing more than blind instinct.

Based on the first-person-shooter videogame of the same name, it is an adventure well worth taking the time out to watch. For the fans that played the game it will be a dream come true even though many critics have not been too keen on director Uwe Boll’s previous movies of popular videogames, they might be surprised at what he has done for Far Cry.

It is created in the style of a first-person-shooter game and looks the part with all the punch and speed of a movie that does not have to try to interest the viewers too much. There are bouts of action, powerful explosions and car chases a plenty to keep the interest going.

Although the army there works for Krieger, the ones higher up start to object to his using their men for the exercises and testing the strength of the experiment. The doctor has no time for considering their wellbeing and sees the army as a means to an end, showing them his genocidal side with the only interest he has in being able to create new life and test it out routinely.

Valerie Cardinal (Emmanuelle Vaugier), a journalist, has an idea something is amiss with the research happening on the remote island and intends to find out more after she discovers that Krieger was conducting tests on genetically altering humans before. She goes in search of a major story against the wishes of her co-worker who thinks it would be too risky if Krieger turns out to a megalomaniac.

All is revealed later, when a General is shown around the facility by Krieger who has done specialist work on the creature, and it turns out he funded it so that the military could have something close enough to invincible to use against any enemies in the world during a war. The General does not like what he sees though when he is shown the subject and discovers he can’t be properly controlled. He views him as a mindless slave to Krieger’s whim and severs the funding he has been giving him.

The atmosphere in Far Cry is just right from the outset and for those who enjoyed playing the original game it is more than just a story developed from that, it is a tense, psychological film all about trust, knowing that somewhere someone will help out when needed, and also that there are dire consequences when humans are experimented on.