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Southside Johnny &
The Ashbury Jukes
: In Concert

65 minutes (E) 1992
Wienerworld DVD Region 0 retail

RATING: 6/10
reviewed by Paul Broome
Having been practically raised to the sound of Rhythm and Blues - with an obsessed guitarist father constantly ensuring that I didn't turn into some kind of lightweight pop fan - it's always a pleasure to be able to sit back and absorb some decent live guitar-based music.
   Best known for their 1970s' association with Bruce Springsteen, this DVD features archive footage of R&B stalwarts Southside Johnny (John Lyon) and the Asbury Jukes filmed live in Germany in 1992. What we are treated to is an exhibition of musicianship and performance almost worthy of The Boss himself. Each individual on stage buzzes with talent, confidence and sheer class - the music is fluid, and precise, while somehow retaining that element of 'rawness' so fundamental to rhythm and blues.
   The all-too-brief track list covers all the tracks the band is most known for (including their excellent interpretation of The Fever), and such classics as Walk Away Renee. All in all an excellent live feature, only letdown by the static camerawork, short runtime, and the lack of any extra features.
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