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Alicia Keys: From Start To Stardom

featuring: Alicia Keys

60 minutes (E) 2003
Wienerworld DVD Region 0 retail

RATING: 1/10
reviewed by Paul Broome
I should begin this review by stating that I'm not the biggest fan of Ms Keys recorded work, but I have appreciated her voice and song writing ability from afar. I even thought that an in depth documentary looking at her stellar rise from obscurity to fame may provide interesting viewing; so while I wasn't excited at the proposition of viewing this DVD, I was at least open to it.
   Unfortunately, instead of a studied piece of music journalism, what we are exposed to here is an endless procession of still photographs, while people introduced as 'close friends' and 'colleagues' spout off about how they "always knew she was going to be a star," and how wonderful she is. There is nothing to intrigue, nothing to captivate, no 'exclusive footage', and - ultimately - nothing of any interest whatsoever, even (I suspect) to hardcore Alicia Keys fans.
   I did a bit of background checking into the artiste myself, and was interested to discover that in her personal online journal she had quite a lot of negative things to say about this particular DVD. So, my advice: if you're after a decent Alicia Keys documentary DVD - wait for an official one.
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