Hired To Kill

Long before Christopher Ray’s Mercenaries
(2014) – an imitative movie that almost revived
the careers of Brigitte Nielsen and Cynthia
Rothrock, and tried hard to beat Sylvester
Stallone’s vanity ensemble franchise The
Expendables at their own game – Hired To
Kill was also a formidable mash-up of British
movie Wild Geese (1978), and German
exploitation flick Jungle Warriors (1984).
Frank (Brian Thompson, perhaps best known
for playing an alien bounty hunter on The XFiles)
assembles a team of women for a
Mediterranean ‘mission: impossible’, where
they are glamorous enough pose as fashion
models before going full tactical on location.
Their task is a jail-break, intended to free a
revolutionary leader named the Brother (Jose
Ferrer, the Emperor in Dune), but does the
local rebellion really need a martyr?
George Kennedy is the big boss of this
enterprise, smartly suited, and gentlemanly, if
only in the manner of a corporate Bond villain.
Oliver Reed is the chief villain Bartos, toasting
“the new magnificent seven,” molesting his motherless trophy-daughter and, in one
notorious scene, snogging the hero. It’s just the
kind of cheesy action movie so effectively
parodied by Andy Sidaris, and it’s pretty good
fun, overall.
Beautifully restored for its blu-ray debut, the hidef
picture and sound quality on this disc are
quite superb. In the extras, the director gives us
the full story of how a tragic helicopter crash –
that occurred during filming on location in
Corfu – almost killed his latest production.
There’s also a new interview (17 minutes) with
star Thompson.