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10cc Alive: The Classic Hits Tour

featuring: Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart, Stuart Tosh, Richard Fenn, and Gary Wallis

90 minutes (E) 1993
Wienerworld DVD Region 2 retail

RATING: 7/10
reviewed by Christopher Geary
This is 10cc on tour in Japan during early 1990s, far away from their post-Beatles heyday as the definitive British band of pop hit-makers, which benefited from the smugly mocking genius of Kevin Godley and Lol Creme - before that duo split to develop their supposedly innovative 'Gizmo' instrument (resulting in cult album, Consequences), which met with unavoidable commercial failure when this device was quickly superseded by Fairlight's CMI.
   Here's that other familiar pairing from 10cc, the song writing partnership of Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman, along with what amounts to their backing band. This is a marvellously polished act, yet a somewhat coldly calculated and unfortunately lifeless stage presence, with an overly smooth performance that is so consummately professional (sounding equally as note-perfect as their studio work), the impression is of a group clearly present in the flesh, but not in spirit.
   Tracks include: The Wall Street Shuffle, Good Morning Judge, Welcome To Paradise, The Things We Do For Love, Lennon and McCartney's Across The Universe, and (new from 10cc at the time of this gig) The Stars Didn't Show. Art For Art's Sake has guitar solos, and is followed by a long version of the Beatles' Paperback Writer. Another 'new' song, Shine A Light In The Dark has the band on top form, but is further evidence that they are simply plodding through the older material. Feel The Benefit, Dreadlock Holiday (with, I think, cringingly dated reggae riffs), and a rather bland interpretation of I'm Not In Love precede a medley of Rubber Bullets, Silly Love, and Life Is A Minestrone, before the second encore with Slow Down brings the show to a disappointing instead of rousing close.
   DVD extras: video interview with Gouldman and Stewart, who are pathetically keen to emphasise their authorship of 10cc's greatest hits to a Japanese female reporter, admirably unfazed by the superstardom of this celebrated pop duo.