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Scorpions - Rock Legends:
Rock You Like A Hurricane
featuring: Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker, Mathias Jabs, Ralph Rieckermann, and Herman Rarebell

producer: David Caitlin

50 minutes (E) 2003
Wienerworld DVD Region 0 retail

RATING: 6/10
reviewed by John Percival
The Scorpions have proved that old rock bands do not just fade away they keep rocking on forever. This DVD presentation represents 35 years since Germany's most famous rock act were formed at guitarist Rudolf Schenker's house. From 1972's debut album Lonesome Crow, to the line-up changes and the recent tours, the band looks back on a varied and spectacular career, which has seen them practically create the rock ballad, and open to a wide audience.
   This DVD takes you behind the scenes with the band and features never before seen interviews. The chapters are split somewhat affectionately into different areas of the bands career from Meet The Band to Magic Moments with the forever-remembered whistling song Winds Of Change. The concert tour footage is from the Crazy World Tour and is not crisp with some dodgy angles but should be rough around the edges enough to please the fans. However the bad sound is difficult to forgive. Also there are no songs shown in their complete and final form, which is a definite shame. There are a couple of minutes of one music video plus the discography that flashes album covers so fast if you blink you will miss them. The interviews also not the best in the world, with Rudolf Schenker dominating most of the screen time, and it is sometimes difficult to hear what questions were asked by the interviewer. However they do offer an interesting insight to the hard work and commitment of the band, along with the philosophies and stories they have gathered along the way. You are able to see what each band member thinks of the others and why they feel they have endured for so long.
   The production is just not shiny enough to feel like a professional release and the graphics and footage at times appears more like a bootleg. Also there are no extras on the DVD, which most will find disappointing for the money. However the disc does show a solid history of The Scorpions and will also allow fans to get to know the band members better, though some may see this as a lot of talk but not enough action. It should be pointed out that this is, predominantly, a documentary and not a concert disc, and nor is there any new or original music. Perhaps this will only appeal to diehard fans and not to a more diverse audience and at 50 minutes in total, it is short but maybe offers everything you wanted to know about The Scorpions but were too afraid to ask.

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