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Track listing:

Shapes Of Things
Wishing Well
Guitar Intro
Stand Up
Just Can't Let You Go
Walking By Myself
Don't Believe A Word
Out In The Fields
Parisienne Walkways
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Gary Moore:
Live At Monsters Of Rock
featuring: Gary Moore, Cass Lewis, and Darrin Mooney

director: Dave Meehan

92 minutes (E) 2003 widescreen ratio 16:9
Sanctuary DVD Region 0 retail
Also available to buy in video

RATING: 6/10
reviewed by John Percival
This is the first official DVD release by Gary Moore. Recorded on May 21st 2003, at the Hallam FM Arena in Sheffield, UK during the Monsters of Rock tour. Becoming and maintaining status as a guitar virtuoso is difficult for most but Moore has proved it possible with a history that spans back to the days of Thin Lizzy and before then with Skid Row in the 1960s. Since the demise of those bands Moore has carved an energetic career encompassing a number of different styles. Here you can see him perform some of his most popular songs in an aggressive and lively rock set. Moore and his band are rocking as hard as they ever have, seeming to switch effortlessly from Blues to Rock. However, at times, the rest of the players do disappear behind Moore's strong fretwork and powerful vocals. Moore's band on this DVD release is composed of ex-Skunk Anansi bassist Cass Lewis and Primal Scream's drummer Darrin Mooney, and that's all the backup he needs.
   The visuals are extremely clear, with great colours for a concert footage release including multiple camera angles to capture all the best shots. It should be easy for budding guitar players to follow his moves, and the sound is crisp enough for air guitar fans to slide across the living room carpets, mid solo, on their backs for. The tracks performed on this DVD span more than a generation. Shapes Of Things and Wishing Well are great hard rocking songs, whilst Rectify shows the great intensity of Moore's Blues interests.
   Even though Moore is not best looking chap in the world, and he is looking a little chubby now, the heady mixture of rock and blues will not leave fans disappointed by this release. Moore displays the talent, energy and enthusiasm to maintain his status for a long time to come.
   Extras include a great 14 minutes soundcheck of Shapes Of Things and Don't Believe A Word and a 15-minute interview in which a comfortable Moore talks frankly about his career, the music and future directions for his projects. It appears obvious that this will not be his only DVD release. This DVD is filmed in widescreen and Dolby digital 5.1 sound and will make the perfect gift for any Gary Moore fan.

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