Night Of The Demons

cast: Shannon Elizabeth, Monica Keena, Edward Furlong, John F. Beach, and Diora Baird

director: Adam Geirasch

92 minutes (18) 2009
widescreen ratio 1.85:1
Final Cut DVD Region 2

RATING: 5/10
review by Ian Hunter

Night Of The Demons

Night Of The Demons is a remake of the 1988 film of the same title, which was directed by Kevin Tenney, in which ten students spent the night at a local abandoned mortuary – Hull House – where a series of murders had been committed – and all hell broke loose, or rather a demon did when those gathered made the mistake of holding a séance.

Cut to nearly now and another Halloween, and the desire to throw the creepy party to end all creepy parties, but not at any old mortuary, so it’s really handy that there is an equally creepy, deserted old Broussard mansion just up the road where 80 years earlier Evangeline Broussard threw her own party that went terribly wrong and she ended hanging herself from the front of the building, while all the other guests just disappeared. Years later, Angela Feld (Shannon Elizabeth) is throwing the ultimate Halloween party, where the music is pounding, the costumes are suitably creepy, and the booze and drugs are flowing, until the party is busted and the police clear everyone out.

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Well, almost everyone. The few that are left try and console Angela who has lost the admission money she had gathered after her partner has done a runner with the takings.

Before anyone can say ‘you don’t want to do that’ they are heading for the basement to try and recover some drugs that were hastily dropped down a grille when the cops arrived. On the way they discover a secret room where the remains of the original party-goers are lying. Angela makes the mistake of trying to get a gold tooth out of one of the corpse’s mouths and gets bitten. Soon her hand is inflamed and she feels like shit, and looks it too as her head starts shaking violently and her eyes change, becoming reptilian, becoming… demon-like.

Now those that are left find that they can’t get out of the mansion grounds. The gates are locked and there seems to be no way through the undergrowth, and hey, would you believe it, they can’t get a signal on their mobiles. Soon, the infected Angela is kissing or chomping her way through the others, sometimes with a kiss that exchanges deadly body-fluids, or ripping into part of a breast, before ripping off an entire face, and we are soon down to three, as Maddie (Monica Keena) and her ex- and drug-pusher Colin (played by Edward Furlong looking middle-aged and jaded and a long way away from the days of Terminator 2), and Jason (John F. Beach) have to try and survive until morning against a group of demons who were so bad they were banished from hell and now are seeking human hosts in order to run riot across the Earth.

Night Of The Demons is flashy and trashy and has a few scenes straight from the original – like the lipstick through the breast scene, but with added gore. Even scream queen Linnea Quigley, who played Suzanne and hosted the party in the original film, makes an appearance in a nice nod to the past. Not the best film of its kind, but not the worst either if you switch your brain off and let the images wash over you in waves of blood.