Savage Beach

cast: Dona Speir, Hope Marie Carlton, Bruce Penhall, Rodrigo Obregon, and Michael Mikasa

writer and director: Andy Sidaris

92 minutes (R) 1989
Malibu Bay/Ventura DVD Region 1 retail

RATING: 6/10
reviewed by Ian Shutter

Inspired by a true story of lost Japanese servicemen, castaway on a South Pacific island after WWII and believing the war to be still going on, Savage Beach is a tongue-in-cheek adventure movie about female secret agents and buried treasure.
As undercover federal investigators Donna and Taryn, we get former Playboy playmates Dona Speir and Hope Marie Carlton. And that’s not all, as there’s also rival groups of armed henchmen after a hoard of stolen gold, guarded by a lonely samurai warrior, and hidden on the island where our heroine’s plane is forced to land during a storm…
Generally, this is the antithesis of film noir. The sky is always sunny, the cast is superbly tanned, and there’s not a menacing shadow or twisted sister in sight. If you want comically untrained acting, surprisingly humorous action scenes with a variety of firepower and transport options, and if you like to see gorgeous women in beautiful locations (well, for starters, how does four topless chicks in a Jacuzzi sound?), the Sidaris formula of bullets, bombs and babes is worth considering.
This DVD edition offers a spotless digital transfer in ratio 4:3 with ultra stereo sound. Disc extras total over 45 minutes of featurettes, including ongoing Sidaris’ film school material of special interest to anyone interested in making low budget movies, filmographies, stills gallery, trailers for the complete Malibu Bay range of DVD and video releases, and an amusingly candid audio commentary by director Sidaris and his wife Arlene (who produced this, and many other Sidaris pictures).