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Commando Leopard
cast: Klaus Kinski, Lewis Collins, and Cristina Donadio

director: Anthony M. Dawson
(alias: Antonio Margheriti)

102 minutes (15) 1985
widescreen ratio 2.35:1
Anchor Bay DVD Region 2 retail

RATING: 5/10
reviewed by Debbie Moon
In a Latin American country, a cruel dictator wields absolute power, oppressing the population. A small group of rebels led by the revered 'El Leopardo' resists his rule, attracting the attention of his vicious henchman Silveria. With the capture of one of El Leopardo's close colleagues, and the increasing massacres of innocent civilians, the struggle turns really nasty...

This 1985 low-budget actioner is a real mixed bag: a jumble of European actors struggle to look Latin, and high-quality special effects (for the time) rub along with clunky action scenes and some rather uncertain acting. TV stalwart Lewis Collins tries his best to look heroic, Klaus Kinski picks up a quick paycheque as the evil Silveria, Cristina Donadio supplies the love interest, and cute kids and well-meaning priests fill out the cast. The plot is so thin as to be nonexistent - perhaps they spent the script development money on the explosions? - but it doesn't really matter. Who needs a plot, when you can blow up an airliner or wreck a dam?

If you have a weakness for classic war movies of the period, this could be right up your street. However, don't expect it to match up to more high-octane modern action movies, either in action or plot terms. Collins isn't the most charismatic of heroes, the dialogue is trite, and the events predictable. With trailers (in German) as the only extra, this is probably one for real aficionados only.

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