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Go to review Aftershock – epic disaster movie about an earthquake that wrecks New York
Go to review All Ladies Do It – sex comedy directed by Tinto Brass, on disc
Go to review The Art Of War – conspiracy action thriller starring Wesley Snipes
Go to review Babycart In The Land Of Demons – fifth samurai movie in Lone Wolf and Cub series
Go to review Bring It On – teen movie about cheerleaders, on disc
Go to review Cherry Falls – serial killer drama, starring Brittany Murphy and Michael Biehn
Go to review City Hunter – Jackie Chan’s comedy-adventure based on the popular manga
Go to review Cradle Will Rock – drama set in art and theatre world of 1930s New York
Go to review The Doll Squad – the Ted V. Mikels’ movie that inspired TV series Charlie’s Angels
Go to review Feeling Minnesota – comedy romance starring Keanu Reeves and Cameron Diaz, on disc
Go to review The Flame Trees Of Thika – TV drama mini-series about an Edwardian family in Africa
Go to review For Love Or Country – drama based on true story of a Cuban jazz musician
Go to review Highlander: Endgame – fantasy adventure sequel, stars Christopher Lambert, Adrian Paul
Go to review The Intruder – science fiction mystery thriller directed by David Bailey
Go to review The Jazz Channel Presents: Ben E. King – rhythm ‘n’ blues concert, on disc
Go to review Julien Donkey-Boy – art house drama about schizophrenia, stars Ewen Bremner
Go to review Komodo – monster movie about killer-reptiles on tropical island. on disc
Go to review Les Destinées Sentimentales – period romantic drama, with Emmanuelle Beart
Go to review Lilith Fair – film of first ever all female rock music festival, on disc
Go to review Little Nicky – romantic comedy fantasy starring Adam Sandler
Go to review Lost Souls – occult horror thriller, starring Winona Ryder
Go to review The Madness Of King George – film of Alan Bennett’s play, starring Nigel Hawthorne
Go to review Passion Of Mind – romantic fantasy thriller starring Demi Moore
Go to review Paul McCartney: Live At The Cavern Club – ex-Beatle’s 1999 Liverpool gig
Go to review Purely Belter – new British comedy from director of Brassed Off and Little Voice
Go to review Purple Storm – award-winning Hong Kong action movie produced by Jackie Chan, on disc
Go to review The Ruling Class – classic black comedy starring Peter O’Toole, on disc
Go to review Running Mates – comedy drama about campaign to elect Tom Selleck as president
Go to review Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday 13th – farcical serial killer spoof
Go to review Singin’ In The Rain – classic Hollywood comedy musical, starring Gene Kelly
Go to review Small Time Crooks – crime comedy directed by Woody Allen
Go to review Space Cowboys – astronauts’ adventure puts Clint Eastwood (star & director) into orbit
Go to review The Stuntwoman – Michelle Yeoh stars in drama about filmmaking in Hong Kong
Go to review Sugar Town – comedy-drama about LA rock’n’roll scene
Go to review The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg – French romantic drama starring Catherine Deneuve, on disc
Go to review Way Of The Dragon – martial arts thriller, starring and directed by Bruce Lee
Go to review X-change – science fiction thriller about cloning and mind transference
Go to review The Yards – crime drama set in world of New York’s subway system
Go to review Zatoichi At The Fire Festival – another samurai tale of the blind swordsman

Movie Vault: – neglected classics & cult favourites get a fresh look
Go to review Targets – Boris Karloff stars in Peter Bogdanovich’s first movie
Top 10 list: – favourites by genre, category, scenes, year, actors, directors, music, etc.
Go to review World Cinema – a top 10 foreign films by Rhys Hughes